Sunday, 27 November 2011

Viva Le Vintage


I'm a huge fan of Vintage looks in both RL and SL so i was excited to hear about the Vintage fair, i uploaded lots of $ and off we went.
I tend to wait until a lot of people have been before i go to these things because, a/ i crash a lot b/ shopping in lag annoys me and c/ i worry that i won't get my goodies if i crash
but i made it and i had a great time, it was awesome to see how peoples versions of whats a Vintage look varies, so Brookie and i set out on our own solo shopping missions so we could see how different our looks would be after we were done. obviously all my outfit was bought from the Vintage fair but i will adhere to give you the LM's for the stores where possible

i started with Hair, i bought mine from *Plume*it's their Retro style and I'm wearing it in "brick" i love how glamorous it looks all swept up in waves and i feel it really draws attention to my facial features, which as any Hairdresser will tell you, you always try to compliment facial features with hairstyles rather than try to hide them.

My makeup comes from Damned, i love the makeup's they do this one give a really nice dramatic effect to the eyes and it's worn as a tattoo layer both Brookie and i wear this one a lot

My dress is from Ingenue, this is one of my favourite stores for Vintage clothes, they are always high in quality.
The Dress i opted for is Martine and i bought it in "Harvest" 
i love this style and it makes me feel very feminine, immediately i wore it i wanted to go dancing, and swish around in my skirt.

My shoes came from N-core and they were on sale!!! woot woot, i absolutely adore N-core shoes and i wear them 99% of the time so when we hear of a sale you can guarantee Brookie and i will be there.
the shoes i am wearing are Obsession Xtremeheel 2 in Lemon. and i got them on sale at just $295L BARGAIN!!

I have totally loved my week in Vintage clothes, next week we're going for the Gypsy style i can't wait!!


Hello peeps!!
Well this week was our vintage week, and i have to say, I had a lot of fun, trying different looks and styles. Plus  with the vintage fair being on there was no shortage of inspiration!
I wouldn't say my outfit is very vintage, but Id say it was vintage inspired, and I think it hints at a 40s pin up look which is one I love.

Vintage fair-

The hair, is probably classed as vintage, because its a very old one from Truth, I bought it ages ago, and I love the way it takes the hair from the face with the texture change scarf.
Truth have been at the forefront of hair design for years, and its easy to see why, the textures, colours, and styles are so realistic and detail rich.

My sleeves tattoo is another vintage buy, I got it from a store called [aRAWRa] but its sadly closed now. You can get similar style sleeves from [OW] and Ive also seen one on marketplace by dead carrot
[OW] -
{Dead carrot} on marketplace -

My dark eye makeup is my favourite, its from damned and I love the dramatic look it gives any skin as its a tattoo layer. Damned do fantastic makeup tattoos, from the dramatic to the subtle, fantastic peircings, skins, eyes  and body tatts too.
Damned -

My top and my calf tattoo is from Artilleri, this store is fantastic for vintage and rockabilly fashion. They sell clothes, hair, furniture, tattoos, all sorts of top quality 40s/50s retro goodness :o) This top comes in a  variety of colours, and has a  prim halterneck, I love it.
Artilleri -

The skirt is another vintage buy, as Ive had it from when I was just a little nooblet! Its a gorgeous high waisted skirt from Sakide (was called Sassy Kitty Designs).  It comes with options for 3  different colour buttons and comes in a variety of different colours. Its easily updated or retro-ed depending on your style/mood. Sakide is definitely a must go store, they have loads of goodies, sales, hunts etc but the main reasons you have to go, is the quality of the clothing and the variety of clothes.
Sakide -

My boots are from THE best boot store in SL....Bax. Aside from making the gorgeous little ankle boots I have on in the pic, they do the most amazing knee high boots, which are personally sized perfectly to your shape by their amazing team of fitters.
The ankle boots I have on, and the Prestige knee boots come with loads of options, from adding  cuffs to the tops, to changing the accent colour (laces, sole etc).  Plus the boots come in 3 main colours, black, light grey, and dark grey. Loads of options for one price, love them! Each pair of boots come with different options so check them out.
BAX ::

So that's my vintage inspired look peeps, hope you enjoyed reading, don't forget if you have any thoughts, ideas, tips or themes you wanna see us cover, just give us a shout in world.
See you next week!!

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