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The Naked Truth


My Sisters and i spend most of our online time shopping, we can chat for hours about our bargains and new finds. We are often asked where we shop, as although we're all very different we seem to love the same items we just wear them in different ways, so i thought why not start blogging about this as it's interesting to see just how many ways an item can be used, so Welcome to our blog Two sides to every style, we don't profess to be amazing writers but i hope you enjoy our passion.

Everyone in Second Life is unique, and we all take time to search for skins, shapes, eyes, eyelashes, hair, fingernails, makeup etc to make our avi's the very best that they can be, everyone has their own ideal,  we make our avi's a little of what we'd like to be in Real Life, some people like to say they base their avatar on their Real selves but i think even those people give the Avatars a little tweak here and there to make them a perfect version of themselves.
Me, I go through phases depending on my mood, sometimes i like to be emo, vamp, or gangsta, sometimes i like to be a pretty pink girly princess, but for me the basics of my avatar never change.
so this is my Naked truth;

My shape is Chloe by Noya  it was a marketplace purchase, the complete avatar for just 99L  like most girls i cannot resist a bargain. I love the fact its a very feminine shape, not too tall, and realistic size breasts and bum, its also modifiable so i am able to make tweaks now and again i like to look like a healthy young woman, not too stick thin and gaunt.

My Skin is from Belleza, i am currently wearing Elle which i got as a group gift, i had gone along with my sister Alei to help her choose a skin and joined the group and picked up the gifts, i totally fell in love with Elle whilst wandering around the store and was thrilled to discover that it was in the group gift packs,  and have worn the skin ever since. Belleza skins are always very good quality and well made, and loads of choices. The only problem i have there is making a decision.

My eyes are Scarlett2 in dark blue from Redgrave, i don't think you can beat Redgrave for their eyes, they have an awesome range of colours and i just love how they sparkle. many eyes look too "glassy" and the colours unnatural but with Redgrave eyes even the strangest colours look authentic.

My eyelashes are Vampire from Redgrave, I'm a lover of long lashes in Real Life so long lashes for me was essential in Second Life  too. when you buy eyes from Redgrave eyelashes are always included but i prefer to wear mine longer so i opted for the vampire ones, i love how they give definition to my avatars eyes.

My Tattoo is from AVM i have gone through phases of full body tattoos but i always seem to come back to just my angel wings, i would feel naked without them now, i do like my tatts to look authentic also, so i always tend to opt for black or very muted colours, i hate to see bright coloured tatts they always seem too fake for me.

My Hair ...... mmmm now this is something that changes constantly for me, maybe due to the fact that I'm a hairdresser in Real Life and if i could change my hair in Real life as much as i do in Second life I'd be a happy girl, i prefer to stick to one colour (Ginger) and variate my styles according to my mood or the outfit I'm wearing. my favourite places for hair are truth, magika, boon and maitreya, surprisingly good ginger hair isn't all that easy to find and i want to be ginger not red.

so that's me, I'm not into prim boobs or nipples, i can never find fingernails that i don't have to edit extensively,and prim feet and hands are not friendly to me either i prefer to keep things simple. I hope you enjoyed my Naked truth and hopefully you'll follow us and see what ideas we come up with in future.


When Vi asked me to write  this blog with her, i was a bit hesitant at first, partly because I've never blogged before and didn't really know what to say!! But, i love shopping, in RL and SL so I'm just going to go with the theme of the week and talk to you all like your one of my friends, which i hope you do become :o)
So our first week is My Naked Truth, whats under all these lovely clothes we buy? Well i suppose the Two most important parts of an avatar are the Skin, and Shape, these two components transform us from the freaky noobs we once were, into the goddesses we want to be!!

My skin, is ALWAYS by Curio, i do have a few, but,  by far my favourite and most often used is the Autumn line, i have the fat pack and switch between them almost daily depending on my mood and look. Curio skins have so much detail and the frex version- the ones with freckles- is  so lush and detailed, in my opinion the best in SL, and now they have so many different lines, there's one to suit every look, mood and shape.

Which brings me neatly  to my shape. This shape i use, i have used from day one of Brookie's life, and also on my 2 past avatars. Its from Alady, and its called  the Miss World Shape. Its almost identical to the Supermodel shape, but a tiny bit smaller and a weeny bit curvier of bum (or butt-depending where in the world you are!) When i first bought it many many moons ago, it was a regular priced shape, but as its an older one now, you can pick it up for less than 100L..i know-bargain huh? Unfortunately its no mod, but the pack has like 20+ variations (from fried egg boobs to balloon boobs, longer legs, and skirt shapes) so theres sure to be something you like. Its the only one I've tried (and seriously I've tried hundreds of other shapes) that has the right nose, and eyes, yea i have a thing about noses and eyes!!


The other main components of an avatar is hair and eyes.
 I'm a total hair whore and i adore trying new hair, I'm always blonde , but in the past I've been a fiery red, and by red i mean scarlet :o) Sometimes i want a punky edgy look-so my first ports of call are Raw house and Ploom, and other times i want a more girly, softer look, so ill head over to D!va or Yunas.
The textures, colours styles etc that these stores supply far outweigh any other stores in SL-in my opinion of course!! If theres any others  i should know about let me know, and i'll investigate,pronto!

My fave fave hair stores, of which there are many, are,
Raw House-

For my eyes, well again, I'm a bit of an eye whore, but i always seem to come back to the eyes i got from [ DresseR! ] the whites are so clean and clear and the colours so bright. They dont have an in world store anymore, so I've supplied the web address for their marketplace store. Other eyes i love are those from Eye candy who do all kinds of different effect eyes-something for everyone!
For fantasy eyes (and indeed skin) you cant beat Plastik, omfg i love this store, and ill be bloggin about it lots in future i guarantee!

[Dresser ] -
Eye Candy -
Plastik -

And of course eyes wouldn't look right without lashes!!! Lordy, i love my lashes! My favourites are from TGIS, its hard to choose between their Ultra long 3D Alpha Lashes and their Volum Express lashes, either way, ya gonna need to edit them to fit your eyes, but once you get it right you wont look back, they so rock!! Other really good lashes are  BG Lush lashes by eye candy-the multi pack has options for if you wear a fringe (or bags) on the left or right, so that the fringed eye has shorter lashes, so it doesn't get mixed up in your hair- genius, no?

Eye Candi -
The last basic element of an avatar, and these are just an optional extra, are tattoos piercings & nails, as I'm tattooed and pierced in RL i couldn't possibly have an avatar who isn't!

The store i rely on for my tattoos is always Para Designs, this store totally rocks, the attention to detail and the options always blows me away, the tattoos are available on all clothing layers & tattoo layers. They always have tons of freebs at their store and are also in SBS (super bargain Saturday-a group you NEED to be in if ya love shopping. More on shopping groups in a later blog) so you can always pick up a bargain there :o)
For my piercings and nails, Virtual Insanity is the place to go, OMG this store rocks!! The nails are awesome, most of the time they come with rings, and totally transform your avatars hands. The piercings and jewellery are so well made and detail rich ya have to go look! Also Virtual Insanity is in a few shopping groups so always have a bargain on the go \o/ If you join their group there are free gifts too, whats not too love??
Ella Bella, is another place that does wicked piercings, many of them are texture changeable, and sooo pretty, the prices are really good too!
Para Designs-
Virtual Insanity-
Ella Bella-

 Well peeps, that's MY naked truth :o) hope you had fun reading and have a few more stores to go investigate, have fun, and ill see you next week!!!

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