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We will Rock you



Rock Chick week for me has been really easy and a lot of fun, this is my normal style so the hardest decision for me was which outfit i would choose out of the many i have already.
After much deliberation i opted for a mix and match of lots of items , so I'll start from the top and work down.

My hair is Alex by Maitreya, i just love the heavy fringe (bangs) and the way it accentuates my face with soft waves falling softly over my shoulders and back, as I've mentioned before i love my Gingers and the Maitreya "reds" give plenty of choice, today i have opted for Henna. My Fiance always comments when i wear this hair so i know it's a good choice for me.

I have many pairs of sunglasses but i think if you want a true rock Chick look then you HAVE to go for aviators, i found the ones i am wearing on the marketplace for just 40L (bargain) they are from HOC - House of Curios and in the box you get a male and female pair of glasses. i like the menu on them and you can change the frame, Glass and opacity to suit your requirements.

My top is again another Marketplace bargain  from {uf}  the leopard and lace crop tee, the fat pack is available on the marketplace for $400L, you can also buy them separately if you don't like all the colours.
there is no inworld store currently for {uf}

i bought my tattoo from ::YaYo:: it's called "Lyrical" and i thought it was perfect for my rock chick look, i like how it seems to float out of my pants and across my hips giving a very sexy look, there are lots of Tatts to choose from at ::YaYo:: and all available on the marketplace too, for the inworld store visit  or for marketplace shopping try

My belt comes from Coco, possibly one of my most favourite stores on sl with hundreds of high quality items, the belt is called the "wrap skinny belt" and it comes in two options, silver and studded ( both are included) for the price of just $50L  you can choose from silver or gold sets.
visit them inworld at
and while you are there join their update group to get access to the amazing 16 group gifts!!! trust me you don't want to miss these.

I just adore my skinny jeans from Sassy Kitty i can wear these anyway anyhow, these are a MUST to any rock chick! mine are the low unbuttoned jeans and i always opt for the skinny cuff, but there is a flared option included in the set if you prefer it, they are available from the marketplace for just $120L although the pic on there doesn't do them justice, and these are also a favourite with my Fiance, so ladies give that guy in your life a treat and treat yourself to these amazing jeans.
or inworld  at

The Shoes i wear to complete my look come from N-Core, they are the Sense extreme heel in black, Shoes here are priced from $595L which for the amazing quality you get is extremely good, the shoes always come with a hud so you can colour match your skin and choose your nail polish and accessories. i belong to the N-core update group and picked these up as a group gift, Brookie and I just love N-core shoes and we're always excited when we get the chance to pick up a new pair of shoes free there, although i have to say we usually end up buying two or three more pairs every time we go to collect the group gift so they are obviously very smart people at that store.

My props for my shoot  today:-  firstly my wicked guitar - a Vintage Fender Stratocaster from GCD musical instruments, i love to play about with instruments and have many, 99% of which i bought here, they are amazing quality and great fun and VERY reasonably priced so pop on down and give them a try i promise you'll have fun

My microphone and poses come from Embody i really like the poses from here and especially when they include well made props too, this set i picked up on the market place for $239   (they are also available separately for $59)   but they also have a store inworld at

and My cigarette is by Shelter, a little extravagant at $600L on the marketplace but it does come with a zippo lighter and animation

The sharp ones amongst you will also notice that i have a new skin hehehe, this is something i don't do terribly often so when i find a skin that i love i stick with it for a LONG time, this one i spotted in the Dressing Room on offer for just $70L and i just couldn't say no. i have fallen in love.
Its the Gio natural skin from Glam Affair's Fall/Winter collection and the detail on it is exquisite, i can't see me changing from this for some time. it's available at their inworld store for $999L

The Dressing room is always worth a visit to pick up some awesome bargains from great designers, items change regularly so join the update group to be kept informed.

i hope you have enjoyed reading my Rock Chick blog and i look forward to the next challenge, Vi xxx


Hi Peeps!!
This week, its Rock Chick week \o/ This is  one of my fave looks i couldn't wait to get started.
As I'm not a girly-girl I tend to rock up most outfits a little bit, using accessories, and tattoos etc.
Its been hard to choose an outfit for this weeks bloggy, but Ive decided to go for a sexy little dress & leather jacket combo.

I don't think a rock chick could be without her leather jacket, and mine is from Acid and Mala, it comes in 3 sleeve variations: Basic-a full length sleeve, Rolled-a half sleeve, rolled to the elbow, and a Vest- which is a sleeveless version. Here I've worn the Rolled, and used all the prim parts-collar pockets etc. I love the textures on this jacket, and all the prim parts are scripted for easy re size, its by far one of the best leathers in SL in my opinion.

The dress is from Sticky Fingers-i love this store for its sexy dresses and you can get the lilac version free if you join the group. The cups are lace so you can see nipple detail which is why its good to wear with the jacket-for the more modest girls :o) It comes in lots of pretty colours but i love the zesty lime green.
Sticky fingers-

The shoes i have on are Genova by Similar Italian Footwear  and i always wear them to funk up or rock up girly dresses and outfits, i bought mine from marketplace, but they are also available inworld, They come in a variety of colours and have a skin changer hud to easily match your skin colour.

My hair is from Ploom, i love the coke cans as rollers, very Lady Gaga!! Ploom is a brilliant shop for a more punky/rocker hair, and the textures are amazing.
The newer hair packs have a hud to change the base colours, which is brilliant  as it saves clogging up your inventory with 4 colours of hair in every pack you never or very rarely use. The hud also easily resizes the hair and changes the streaks (if any) to almost every colour you may need.

I think Rock Chicks have to have strong makeup, reddish lips and dark eyes, so I've gone with a tattoo layer makeup from Damned for my eyes, its a feline eyeliner nice and dark, i love the shape it gives the eye and i love that you can put it with any skin you like or take it off for a more subtle look.
Obviously the lips come with my favourite skin, Autumn from Curio-In my opinion the best skins in SL!

So that's my version of  Rock Chick, one ill be rocking out quite often!!
Thanks for reading peeps, and ill see ya'll next week for Vintage, meanwhile, happy shopping!!

Brookie ღ


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