Monday, 5 December 2011

My Big Fat Gypsy Fashion Fest


This week we chose Gypsy girl as our theme, and it's been great fun, i have to say my whole outfit came from the same shop but it was a case of, i saw it and i HAD to have it, it's so well made and totally gorgeous to wear.

OK so we'll start with hair, this gorgeous style comes from D!va it's called Airi2 and the colour is called Black amber, i really love the hair from D!va the only thing that disappoints me is that they don't have decent gingers, the colour range is limited  and i found that black amber was the nearest to my usual choice of colour. in each pack of this style you have 2 fringe options, a full full or a side swept fringe. and the ribbon is texture changeable which helps  for changing outfits. i love how well made the hair is and the style i felt was perfect for my gypsy girl romantic look.

my outfit comes from League, The Seashell blouse and Nomad skirt.

The blouse, i chose in cream, it looks amazing as part of this outfit but also could be worn with jeans and look equally as gorgeous, comes in Three different layers for your ease of use.

The Nomad skirt comes in a variety of shades and patterns,  for my look i chose the floral and cream, the skirts includes two hip fits and two lengths so you can find the size that suits you best and re size from there, to wear this skirt to full effect the designer recommends using a "calm" ao, as the skirt has many prims that attach to various lower parts of your body and if you wear a crazy ao it will appear to be flying all over the place, the belt and tassel's are all included in the skirt too i think it's absolutely gorgeous.

My Necklace was also from League, the "Vintage" jewellery set you can wear the set separately or all together as i have done, it does also come with Earrings but i feel lost without my hoops and wear them all the time.

For my Gypsy girl look i chose to go barefoot as the skirt is so long you can't actually see shoes underneath it so i thought why waste time blogging about shoes that you can't see. Normally i would wear my Bare feet from N-core (included in Brookie's  blurb below) rather than just have horrible noob feet. and i also wore my eye makeup from Damned which is mentioned in a previous blog , I'm really happy with this look and i really enjoyed looking for girly   styles that wouldn't be my usual look.

I picked up this skin at The Dressing room, it's by Glam Affair and is called JadisV2 in green ash, i absolutely love The Dressing room for picking up quality bargains and i think its definitely worth joining the group to keep informed on new updates.   The Dressing room  The Dressing room Blue


Helloooo again Peeps,

This week is Gypsy Week, and once again I've had a ton of fun looking for inspiration and trying on different outfits and hair. The Gypsy look is - I think - a really sexy look, and so feminine.

The hair Ive chosen for today's theme is a gorgeous scarved one from D!va, who do some of the most feminine, pretty girly hair in SL, I love the textures and colours. This hair is called Mai, and it comes with a scarf and chain, both are retexturable and also removable. It was a gift from when D!va celebrated more than 10,000 group members. This hair, and other group gifts is available upstairs at the main store along with some lucky boards-happy days eh?

Now to my outfit, which is a skirt and top bought separately and matched up to make a complete outfit.

My top is one I have bought from marketplace, a gorgeous Peasant Wench top from Candace Hudson, I'm wearing the white version, but its also available in black. This top takes a little editing to fit to your boobs but is well worth taking the time to do. Theres a few options for this top too, so you can change it up a little every time you wear it, theres full sleeves or short sleeves, a chest prim and a bottom lace prim, great for mixing and matching. Candace does quite a few Gypsy/Peasant clothes, its well worth a look, the textures and prims are spot on.
*Marketplace link*

The skirt is one I've had sitting in my inventory for quite a while, and to be honest id forgotten i even had it! Its from the brilliant Sakide (used to be Sassy Kitty Designs).
This very sexy skirt drops slightly at the back to show a hint of butt cleavage, and also comes with 2 pants options depending on your preference - a leggings option, and also a shorts option to show that leg!! The prim skirt has a re sizer option to easily adjust to your shape.

noob feet that we are "born" with in SL, I invested some time ago,  in the Bare Feet from the amazing, brilliant, and fantastic N-Core! I  swear by this store, the shoes (and bare feet)  are truly amazing, each comes with a skin match hud, and also-and so importantly-a nc with the skin matching codes of some of the best known and popular Skins in SL. This makes it super easy to match the feet to your skin-genius.
N-Core -

Along with my feet, I've chosen to accessorise my ankles with some lovely little ankle bangles from Twisted & Spoiled. The bangles unfortunately aren't sold separately but are part of the kaftan and Bikini Set, which i bought in nude, and is available in lots of other colours.
Twisted & Spoiled -

My bracelets are from one of my favourite jewellery stores in SL-LouLou and Co. This store does gorgeous jewellery and accessories, really quirky and unusual in style, and expertly made. The bracelets are called Enigma and come with lace gloves which I've opted not to wear for this theme. They are available in white too which i wear quite a lot with other outfits.
Loulou and Co-

My nails and rings are some of my favourite. They are from Virtual Insanity, another of my favourite jewellery shops. Ive been shopping here a couple of years now, and with each of my avatars, its always been one of the first places i come. I have tons of nails from this store (amongst other things lol) , and honestly i think they are far better than nails of other stores, i particularly like the ones that come with rings, but sometimes ill wear the nails on their own, or with rings from other stores. This set is called ASIA rings and nails, and if i remember rightly they were released as a fund raiser for the Japan Tsunami Relief Effort, but they are still available now.
Virtual Insanity -

So that's my Gypsy outfit, I hope you like it, and i hope to see you next week.
Happy Shopping,

a PS from Vi.
Our main picture was taken at the gorgeous Tableau Sim

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