Monday, 12 December 2011

We don't need no Education


This is one of my most favourite looks, whenever there is a fancy dress party i always go as a Schoolgirl so when i spotted my outfit in Sticky fingers i just knew i had to blog it.
Obviously at school i was always a good girl, well behaved and smart (yeah right) so i went for the good girl image for my look.

My hair this week comes from Elikatira, i chose "again" in the carrot reds set,  As a RL hairdresser the bob is a style i never get bored of and i love all the different variations of the style, This hair has the gorgeous A-symmetric fringe, there is also an option in this set to have the fringe pulled off the face in a quiff which is just as cute, i always opt to buy my shorter hair styles from Elikatira  and my wedding hair is from there too. as you will see in next weeks Blog hehehe

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Geek glasses, I'm a total nerd so i feel these fit me perfectly, i have several pairs from different stores including Pritty and several marketplace pairs but the ones i chose for this look are from *cute bytes* they are texture changeable, they are scripted so you can change the colour, accessories, studs, transparency, and re size them and they are a MUST have for any self proclaimed Geek. I'm not sure if there is an in world store but you can buy them for just $50l  on the marketplace

My outfit comes from the fabulous Stickyfingers, i just adore this store right now, i seem to spend a LOT of money in there, Their clothes are all gorgeous you'd be totally spoilt for choice.
This awesome schoolgirl outfit comes in red or blue and the tie is included in the set. it's available in world for $240L, it's totes worth joining the sticky fingers group for their monthly gifts and they are always taking part in hunts so there are extra goodies available if you can just find them

no prizes for guessing where my shoes come from...... YES N-core!!! they are the super cool ultra platforms, i opted to wear the fishnets with them which are included in your box along with the hud to adapt the skin tone etc.  j'adore these shoes, Brookie and i have been drooling over them for weeks and i got them first muahahahahaha. If i even tried to walk in these in RL I'd break my neck for sure, happily i can even run in them in world hehehe  They are available in world for $795L


This week, Vi and I have gone back to school!
When i used to go to school, I was a bit on the wild side, and for this weeks blog, I decided to stick with that and show a little rebellious streak :o) So my version of Back to school, isn't exactly what we would want our teenagers going to school dressed in!!

First up, my hair. I opted to go with a ponytail as it was my preferred style back in the day, and as i went to a convent school (before i was kicked out!) it was a somewhat enforced hairstyle too. This hair is from the brilliant Truth Hair, and its called Keeley, here I'm wearing the streaked option, but it comes without streaks for the better behaved girls!! I love Truth hair for the brilliant textures and attention to detail, such as the little hair clips that this one sports.
Truth -

Now my outfit, which once again I've mixed and matched from items i already own.
Firstly my cardi, which is one i bought in a number of colours from Boom, when they had a sale on. Its called Wrong Sized Cardi because as you can see, its a couple of sizes too small! This cardi is lovely and looks brilliant with jeans or skirts, and again, its got lovely attention to detail, like the scrunched up arm prims.
Boom -

My shirt is actually a dress that has a shirt in the pack. Its called My Darling from Ero Rabbi. The shirt & dress come with re sizable prim collar & tie, cuffs and shirt bottom prims. The dress option is super sexy and looks like you have just gotten out of bed and thrown your lovers shirt on, super cute.
Ero Rabbi -

My skirt is from the amazing Sakide which i think I've mentioned in every blog up to now!! Its called the Zipped Mini, and comes in a variety of colours. As you can see, I'm wearing the open zipped option, but this skirt also comes with a closed zipped option too.
Sakide -

Lastly are my shoes, which are also from Sakide, and come in a variety of colours, these are the Black Damask and i love them for their flexibility, i can wear them with skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, everything and they are super easy to fit.
Sakide -

So that's my back to school week, yes ill get detention for turning up like this, but who cares as long as the hottie from my science class is there too?

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